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Threesound NYC THLOG

3 down and 1 to go! Threesound had a blast performing in the big apple last night. Being on the road has challenged us as a band with all the traffic and sleepless nights, but feeling exhausted has never felt so good. Off to NC tonight for a 4/20 show at The Blind Tiger.

BC @ Arlene's Grocery

Nothing beats the anticipation of playing the Big Apple. From the culture to the crazed traffic; there’s something in the air that brings out the beast-mode mentality in musicians. Our third play at Arlene’s Grocery was our first performance there as a true trio. Before this 4 night run, the band had planned out a tightly knit 45-60 minute set that we all felt confident would highlight the strengths of Andrew, John and I. After some vocal and hand warm-ups in the snug band load-in room, I was eager to line check the drums and vocal mic. Though you can’t hear, im probably saying “HEY ARLENE’S, my name is bob and I build the beats!”

Arlene's Grocery

Arlene’s Grocery. A tried and true small club that’s been thriving since 1995. From Lady Gaga all the way to threesound, musicians from all over the world have tested their chops in this unforgettable club on Stanton street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

NYC is known world renowned for many things. Traffic is one of them. On this run, we entered NYC from the George Washington/RFK tunnel. At peak rush hour the Big Apple’s traffic and be an ultimate test of patience, rationale and one’s own sanity. We made it to the club without a scratch.