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Threesound The Blind Tiger THLOG

The last leg of our journey! Threesound completed the 4 night run in NC @ The Blind Tiger with our friends Imperial Blend. We all had a great time performing on the road for 4 days but all good things must come to an end. The Blind Tiger is legendary venue and we feel very privileged to perform on a stage that has been host to a number of epic bands. Can't wait to get back at it again soon!

The Blind Tiger

I believe this is Threesound's second time playing this venue in the town of Greensboro, NC and we can't say enough good things about it. The room sounds great and has a massive stage which is always a plus when more than 1 band is performing. It's a large enough venue that pretty big acts roll through from time to time as well, we saw a show poster that Big Boi from Outkast would be performing there soon! There was definitely a feeling of accomplishment when we pulled up and saw this sign. We had driven hundreds of miles over the past 3 days to get here and yet we still had more energy to play then ever.

The Stage

As I said this place has a great stage with plenty of room. Also you gotta love the big disco ball in the center of the room! When the lights go out in this place and the ball gets turning it really feels like a dance party. We were lucky to be great by the friendly Imperial Blend as we arrived to the venue. They were very accommodating to our needs on stage and let us use their drum kit for the set. It was a great time for all of us!

Tow Truck Rescue

If you watched the vlog above then you saw this madness at the end of the video. What a way to finish off the tour. Coming back up from NC, Bobby took an exit around Richmond, VA to get some gas. Right after merging off the freeway, we lost our power steering but the van was still on. Bobby used his big diamonds of gold to get us to the nearest gas station and we had to wait 2 hrs to then be towed to a repair station to get our van Gramps back up and running. We were BEYOND tired when this mess was going on but we got through it nonetheless. The van is good as new and Threesoud will be back on the road soon!