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Threesound Tour THLOG

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Hello! Welcome to Threesound's first of many THLOGS! Above you will find the vlog documenting our wonderful day leading up to our performance in Washington D.C. @ Gypsy Sally's opening up for the nationally touring jam band Ghost Light. It was a truly awesome experience for us! After watching the video, scroll down to view our blog featuring more photos and reflections of our experience.

Potomac River

Our performance day was not meet by feeling of nerves but feelings of composure. Long weeks of practice leading up to this 4 day tour made Bobby, Andrew and Myself (John), feel prepared to do our best. We arrived a little early to our soundcheck and I was able to walk over to the park along the Potomac River across the street from the venue. It was cool to see the rowing practice happening as well (those poor guys were toughing the cold weather!).

Gypsy Sally's

The always wonderful Gypsy Sally's. This has to be my favorite venue I've played in DC thus far in my career. Great music every time we come here happening on the main stage and the side bar "Vinyl Lounge" if you aren't wanting to be in a big crowd. Prior to our set we got to munch on some awesome pizzas provided by venue, but this time Bobby and I, (John), did have to skip the drink tickets as we are on a sober tour for this four day run!

Handmade Leslie Organ
Inside of the handmade Leslie Organ

These awesome pictures above are of a home/handmade Leslie Organ. A really great organ enthusiast we meet had brought this piece of art for the great Holly Bowling to perform with. The gentlemen who made this thing had just finished building it the day of the show. I was able to sit with him and he was also an organ player himself and I was able to get some great tips/advice on improving my organ playing, which was a great experience. I just had to share these photos on here when I saw this thing!!!

John & Bobby with Ghost Light

Topping of the night we got a great group shot with Ghost Light, minus Andrew :(. When opening for successful artists such as them it is always humbling to see how accommodating and kind they are to us. This was a truly BAD ASS way for Threesound to kick off our 4 day run of shows across the East Coast. We can only hope the shows will continue to be as great as this one. Stay tuned tomorrow for Round 2 of our run in Worcester, MA @ Electric Haze. <3 Threesound