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Welcome to THLOG #2 of this tour. Worcester proved to be a beast of a trip traveling from D.C. Check the video above and photos below to get a taste of travels.

New York City

While Threesound was crossing the George Washington Bridge we were able to catch a great look at New York City. It's hard not to have that empire state of mind take over you with a view like that, although today we were just passing through on our way to MA. We were traveling from Washington, D.C. to MA today and it was every bit as long as you think it is.


This photo summarizes the majority of our drive. We were crossing in and out of different states but the traffic remained the same. To rate them I would have to say New York was the worst, then New Jersey, then Connecticut. By the time we got into Massachusetts it was past rush hour so we were finally out of this traffic horror story.


Does anyone know how to pronounce this city correctly? WOOSTA of course if you have a thick New England accent. It was a relief to finally see this exit sign for Worcester. The day seemed to all run together with 8 hrs of driving behind us. Threesound was feeling the heat but was ready to throw down at Electric Haze later that evening.

Electric Haze

The finish line. It felt as if we accomplished a lot simply by arriving at this place. Virginia to Massachusetts in one day will prove tough even for a road warrior. I speculate that Threesound drives 3x's as far as the truckers driving along side us on the freeway. We were lucky enough to be greeted at the venue by the talented and friendly band Planet Nowhere. Although we felt as if we were arriving a little on late side, everything was smooth once we got to the venue. Threesound is proud of what we have accomplished today. It feels good to be able to travel this far and perform your music for people. As tired as we already are on this journey we are not done yet! Off to New York City tomorrow for a show @ Arlene's Grocery. <3 Threesound